Most Common Ways to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana Smokers

The Internet offers a wealth of advice on how to pass a marijuana drug test. Our experts have analyzed the most common practices and now present a brief survey of their findings. The summary includes some tricky methods, but just how effective might these be? Let's look into reverse ordered list.
Way 5: Marijuana Detox Kits
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Pros: We can confidently claim the only way to GUARANTEE that you can pass your drug screening is by using a Marijuana Detox Kits. Why?
  • Detox kits not only decrease THC level in your urine but also block it in lipid tissues
  • These products are NOT DETECTABLE by testing labs
  • Detox kits have been developed by scientists. These qualified specialists give 99.9% GUARANTEE of a negative drug-test result. That is why the manufacturer can confidently promise you 200% of your money back in case of a test failure.
  • You don't have to change anything in your daily life. It's surprisingly simple, effective and EXTREMALLY FAST - you'll able to pass a piss test in less than 24 hours!
  • Every detox kit comes with the testing device to control the run your individual detoxification process

Cons: Results are temporary recommends: if you are really serious about cleansing your body discover $59.99 Premium Detox 7-Day Complete Cleansing Program
Way 4: Drinking Vinegar and Other Home Remedies
Pros: -

Cons: Drinking vinegar, green tea, coffee, cranberry juice, grapes, beer, iced tea will not help you pass a urinalysis because it neither masks THC in the urine nor eliminates it from fat cells. Moreover, some of these products will lower the pH balance of the urine. Home remedies are neither better nor cheaper than abstinence. recommends: do not waste your time with rumors and myths to help pass a drug test.
Way 3: Urine Substitution
Ultra Pure Premixed Synthetic Urine
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Pros: This method is one of the cheapest and most effective on offer - especially if you are not looked during the test.

Cons: You need to be absolutely confident your friend's urine is clear, i.e. he/she should not have smoked in the days leading up to the urine analysis. Might you friend be a passive smoker?

Beware - testing officers use the sample's temperature as the primary method of determining if the urine has been substituted. Your friend's urine sample, initially clear, if inappropriately stored or just heated (especially if re-heated), can become cloudy and smell foxy. These "red lights" can result in a re-test. In that case the officer will be sure to carefully watch the whole process being repeated. recommends: to avoid risking a positive test use $31.99 Synthetic Urine
Way 2: Flushing Urinary System

Cons: Active marijuana components (tetrahydrocannabinol or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC) hardly dissolve in liquids, and easily accumulate in fat cells. So while several gallons of water can reduce the THC concentration in the bloodstream, fat cells will still store THC as before.

This technique is also flawed for another important reason. After a physical work-out or a period of stress, the bloodstream will continue to collect THC metabolites from fat cells. This THC will then make its way back into the urine system - and you are once again likely to fail your urinalysis.

Moreover, FLUSHING CAN BE DETECTED by measuring the creatinine, pH balance and the specific gravity of the urine. recommends: try to avoid this perilous way
Way 1: Abstinence
THC/Marijuana One Step Rapid Drug Test
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Pros: Effective for those who have just had their very first few tokes of pot 4 days earlier. No test would find you out. After 24 hours there wouldn't be a trace left in your bloodstream. In 3 days - you've got pure urine.

Cons: This method is only useful to those whose consumption is low. A little pot twice a month requires only a few days of abstinence at first. For those smoking more often, however, the length of abstinence increases dramatically. With frequent smoking, the THC in your body will not be eliminated quickly because THC is built up in fatty tissues. Chronic marijuana use can be detectable for as long as 2 months. Overweight users will also need extra downtime. recommends: double-check that your urine is clean with $7.99 THC/Marijuana One Step Rapid Drug Test

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