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Hair Follicle Test Kit

Hair Follicle Test Kit

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The Home hair test is put together to help you know your results before anybody else does. If you are feeling reluctant about taking a hair follicle, and unsure if you will need a back up plan, purchase the Home Hair Test Kit. It gives you fast results, and comes with simple directions to follow.

What is included in the kit?

  • Hair follicular drug test specimen pouch
  • Specimen pouch
  • Self-addressed envelope
  • Instructions
  • Chain of custody form

Additionally needed:

  • Hair Clip
  • Scissors

Quick and Easy Steps to follow:

  • Clip hair closest to your scalp. (Remember you need at least 80-120 strands of hair. If your hair is shorter than 1-Ĺ inches long, you're going to need to clip more hair.)
  • Carefully cut your hair with the scissors.
  • Place the roots of your hair on the collection foil
  • Fold the foil in half once and then fold in lengthwise one more time.
  • Place sample in hair specimen pouch.
  • Fill out all of the paper work enclosed and ship out the sample it the self-addressed envelope.
  • Results come back 48 hours after lab receives the sample, they can be given over the phone or sent back via mail.


Please follow the instructions carefully in filing out the Chain of Custody form and preparing the specimen. If any mistakes are made, the laboratory will not be able to perform the test, and we will not held responsible.

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